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Maintaining your Car’s Finish After a Fresh Paint Job

This article will present you with a couple of tips to maintaining freshly painted panels after leaving our shop.

When a fresh paint job is done on a vehicle, the paint doesn’t have the strength of its original paint in the beginning. Because the paint is so new, there are still traces of moisture left inside the finish. This moisture usually takes around 30 days to completely cure and gain its full strength. Until then, taking care of your paint in the beginning stages help the longevity of the finish.

The first tip to taking care of a fresh paint job is to avoid drive thru car washes. These car washes are usually very abrasive on the surface of the car. When your vehicle has freshly painted panels, it could leave a handful of scratches in the surface of the clear coat. Your best bet to preventing scratches due to washing is by hand washing your car. Hand washing should always take place in a shady area if possible. This is due to the fact that everyday water from a faucet has traces of chlorine in it. When combined with the heat of the sun and the surface of your car, it will leave hard to remove water spots that can become an eyesore.

Tip #2 is to be weary of where you park your car. 2 of the most harmful contaminants for your paint is tree sap and bird droppings. Tree sap is sticky and binds itself to your car’s clear coat while bird droppings tend to be very acidic and corrosive to the surface paint. If left on your car for too long, they start eating away at the car’s clear coat leaving circular spots of matte. A good rule of thumb is to try and wipe these down with a microfiber cloth and a gentle surface cleaner as soon as they appear.

In general, paint in general is very resilient and do a good job at handling everyday abuse out on the road. These tips are only to help with a paint’s look and longevity. It is normal if paint starts to lose shine or starts to feel gritty overtime. Not everyone has the time for a nice hand wash throughout their week. However, deterioration of paint is usually reversible with a premium surface detail. Follow these tips to maintain a beautiful finish after pulling away from Ronald’s Auto Body. Also, give us a call or use our online estimator to inquire about our premium detail packages designed to bring your car back to it’s condition when you pulled away from the dealership.

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