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OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts: The Difference? Does It Matter?

There are countless opinions on the subject. However, I will do my best to give facts so that you, the consumer, can be more aware when getting your car fixed.

First off, we’ll talk about OEM parts. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. An “OEM” part means that the part was made by the original manufacturer or the manufacturer’s subcontractor. These parts are guaranteed by the dealership to meet factory specifications. Some of these factory specifications include part integrity, aerodynamics, and fitment. This means that between your car’s original damaged exterior part and the new part from the dealer, there should not be any virtual difference between the two. An OEM part doesn’t always guarantee “better quality” but it maintains the original quality and specifications from when the vehicle left the factory.

An aftermarket part is a second hand part made by a company that creates these parts at high volume. Aftermarket parts usually tend to be cheaper and lower in quality. In some cases, aftermarket parts can match up to the standards of an OEM part, however, aftermarket parts are very inconsistent. Some aftermarket parts can fit great and have the same integrity as an OEM while others lack proper fitment and require a tedious process of trying to get the part to line up correctly. However, aftermarket companies cannot create computers, airbag components, sensors, modules, or anything of the sort. This is a compromise to the vehicle’s ecosystem and could lead to serious malfunctions. Aftermarket parts shine when you are trying to save some cash on a repair.

Overall, there are many differing opinions on the subject. OEM parts guarantee a perfect fit along with the part’s integrity and quality but for a premium price. Aftermarket parts work to give you upwards of a 40% off the OEM part’s price without a guarantee for fitment or top notch quality.

Let us know what you think. Do you care if your replacement parts are genuine? Or is it the cosmetic appearance that matters the most? Leave us a comment letting us know your opinion!

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